Once upon a time, there was a vision to supply the best Entertainment available to promoters, festivals, and events. This vision commenced in 1979 when the birth of one of Wales’s premier Entertainment agencies came into prominence. With it came creative ideas that would help transform and adapt to the ever-changing challenges of the Professional Music Industry. Today, the company has recognized that in order to provide everything to a customer’s satisfaction they would have to train and prepare people with talent to a high standard in order to prepare them for the rigors of the unforgiving expectations of Showbusiness. The Company’s recruitment arm is the Welsh Factor Talent Competitions and they have successfully introduced directly and indirectly over 600 professional entertainers into the Music Industry. The website for these artists in development is www.welshfactor.com run by Anna Marie Thomas and Gareth Thomas.

Today, we launch an initiative to train people with talent to be able to use their talent at a professional level. This means providing them with a current and practical setlist in preparation for their solo career. This takes some time and it is important that the artist is comfortable with the content because a happy artist will broadcast that happiness to the audience. It is important, in every business to give the customer what they want and we strive to achieve this over time. Gone are the days when a mediocre performance would get away with such a performance, it is vital to get it right. In our training program, we cover everything, from publicity, setlist, video show reels, stage presentation so that our artists in training become the finished article.

We also represent the present professional entertainers who are established within the industry. We sometimes call on these to mentor inexperienced talent to guide them through the process of achieving professional status. The Entertainment Industry is going through a transition period at present and we feel we want to lead this process by producing top-class products in the form of entertainers that will be crowd-pleasing and bring a spirit of enjoyment to every occasion. Our goal is to produce “BOX OFFICE” production shows and attractions.